Writing documentation#

Additional packages are required to generate the HTML documentation which can be installed running the following command:

pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

If not already done, run cmake in the build folder to generate the build targets related to the documentation:

cd build
cmake -GNinja ..

To generate the HTML documentation, build the mkdoc target as follow:

ninja mkdoc

This process will generate the documentation HTML files into the build/html folder.

API references generation#

The API references need to be generated manually executing the following command:

ninja mkdoc-api
ninja mkdoc # Rebuild the documentation to update the API references

Notebook tutorials#

We are using the nbsphinx Sphinx extension to render our tutorials in the online documentation.

The thumbnail of a notebook in the gallery can be the output image of a cell in the notebook. For this, simply add the following to the metadata of that cell:

    "nbsphinx-thumbnail": {}

In order to hide a cell of a notebook in the documentation, add the following to the metadata of that cell:

    "nbsphinx": "hidden"